What to Do After B.Com | An All-Inclusive Detailed Guide

B.Com is a 3-year UG Level course that will help you to learn various finance, commerce, and management-related aspects. However, about 10 lakh students pursue this course every year. Moreover, it is the 3rd most pursued course in India. So how a country can have such huge job opportunities to provide to these students? Therefore most of the students remain jobless after getting a B.Com degree as well. Now, what to do after B.Com in India, this article is all about this aspect.

There are plenty of options you can do after B.Com. This will include jobs, further studies, certifications, training, and more. Also, these options will be beneficial in making a career after B.Com.

Job Opportunities after B.Com

As discussed that a huge number of students appear for B.Com courses every year for learning finance and management courses. But most of you land up in tier 3 and above colleges and universities which do not provide you with the necessary environment and learning to get a good job. However, the available jobs required some good skills in the field which you have to learn on your own if you are from a lower-tier college. Similarly, top colleges in India will provide you with all recourse and environments to learn all skills and provides well on campus placements as well. Some of the major job opportunities after B.Com are as follows.

Finance Job

Finance Job

You can defiantly go for finance jobs after B.Com. Moreover, the B.Com course is specialized in finance and accounting learning. However, whatever you will get caught in college will not be enough to land a good job. So you have to get some in-hand learning of various financial courses and tools. So if you could able to gain some skills then only you can go for the posts. Some of the major finance jobs after B.Com are as follows.

Job ProfileDescriptionSalary
Audit ExecutiveInvolvement in Auditing tasks at various projects. Good knowledge of financial accounting, auditing, taxation, and Excel is needed Deloitte, PwC, Aditya Birla, and Accenture are the top recruiters3 LPA – 10 LPA
AccountantAs a role of accountant, you will have to manage the day-to-day accounting You will need to generate a balance sheet, P/L account, Cash Flow Book, and more. Basic accounting skills and excel will be good2 LPA – 7 LPA
BankerAs a banker, you can get a profile of the Proviatory Officer and Bank Clerk Managing the day-to-day financial activities of the bank SBI, HDFC, Axis, and ICICI are the top recruiters3 LPA – 8 LPA
Investment BankerFor the role of investment banking, you must have strong knowledge of business finance, money market, and capital market. The top recruiter for investment banking are HDFC, Zerodha, Aditya Birla, Deloitte, and more4 LPA – 10 LPA

Marketing and Sales Job

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales jobs are very common after B.Com in India. Entry-level marketing and sales jobs do not require much skill. But you should have at least some communication skills to get the job. Also, there are many chances where you can even grow in marketing and sales but you have to start from scratch. Some of the major job profiles in marketing and sales jobs after B.Com are as follows.

Job ProfileDescriptionSalary
Marketing ExecutiveYour job will be to work under the marketing manager and perform your assigned task. Basis communication and computer skills will be enough.2 LPA – 6LPA
Sales ExecutiveAchieving the sale target as per the management decision Using the method of cold calling, email selling, and personal selling2 LPA – 6 LPA
Business Development ExecutiveModern-day sales executives are business development executives Performing the same function as a sales executive2 LPA – 8 LPA
Relationship ManagerBuilding clients and pitching sales ideas to them Managing the relationship with potential customers3 LPA – 8 LPA
Digital MarketingModern-day marketing method includes affiliated marketing, content marketing, SEO, and more Basic knowledge of digital marketing course2 LPA – 7 LPA

Operations Job

Operations Jobs

You can also go for operation jobs after completing your B.Com. Top IT companies provide nontech profile operational jobs to management and commerce students. These jobs at the entry level can be very beneficial for you. Similarly, you can also go for banking operations jobs and production or manufacturing operations jobs. There is great scope in logistics and distribution as well.

Job ProfileDescriptionSalary
Process AssociateAs the role of process associate, you will require to work as the backend assisting the leads of a project Basis communication skill and excel is good to go TCS, Cognizant, Accenture, and Genpact are the top recruiters2 LPA – 5 LPA
Banking OperationsYour job will be to perform day-to-day banking activities. Involvement in loan, cashier, and customer service in the bank HDFC, Axis, ICICI, and more are the top recruiters3 LPA – 7 LPA
Logistics ExecutiveAs a logistics executive, you will need to work in the transportation and movement of goods and services. Top eCommerce companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, and more are the main recruiters2 LPA – 5 LPA
Warehousing AssociateManaging the day-to-day operations at the company warehouse. Keeping a record of inputs and outputs is the main responsibly2 LPA – 5 LPA

HR Jobs

HR job

You can also go for HR jobs as well there are some good opportunities in HR where you can build your career. However, to get into HR you must learn some prevalent communication skills along with subject matter knowledge as well. Some of the major jobs at HR after B.Com are as follows.

Job ProfileDescriptionSalary
Hiring ExecutiveYour prime job is to hire as per the needs of the company Find different ways and interview candidates and provide an offer letter2 LPA – 5 LPA
Onboarding ExecutiveOnboarding the hired candidate and completing the formalities Assigning them to positions and providing training2 LPA – 5 LPA

MBA after B.Com


If you are willing to get higher education and get more exposure to the industry, then MBA is one of the best options after B.Com. MBA is a master’s level 2-year program where you can get a chance to learn about the various aspects of management. Also, MBA will allow you to get into various other specializations as well. Some of the benefits of an MBA after a B.Com are as follows.

  • You will get good exposure to the industry where you will also learn various new concepts.
  • Skill-oriented training which most companies mainly look for.
  • Getting familiar with recent technologies and trends.
  • Develops good communication skills and professional behaviors
  • It also helps in making connections.

After MBA there will be limitless fewer opportunities for you available but you have to do an MBA from top colleges only. Unless you do so, it is nothing just a degree, Some of the top colleges for an MBA in India are as follows.

Some Top MBA Specializations after B.Com

FinanceLearning various financial tools and technology Company Accounts, Business Finance, and Financial Management are major topics Tools like Excel, Financial Modeling, Tally, etc
MarketingIn-depth knowledge about the various marketing tool and tactics Market Research, Professional Communication, and Case Studies are the major topics
OperationsLearning the concepts of business operations, banking systems, and other operational activities Major focus on the 6 Sigma Science, Company Operations tools
HRYou will understand the in-depth concept of HR management Develop analytical skills and communication skills
ITGood exposure to IT management Skills related to programming language and database management.

CA after B.Com


CA is the highest-rated career option that you can pursue after completing your B.Com. This is the course which has a duration of a minimum of 3 Years – 4 Years. However, the CA course is divided into various stages which you have to clear to get the certification.

Stage 1CPT/ FoundationDirect Entry after B.Com or any graduation No need for clearing this exam
Stage 2IPCCCan appear in this exam only after the 9 months of registration. Two Groups in IPCC which you will clear
Stage 3CA FinalMust clear at least 2.5 – 3 years of article ships Then you can appear in the CA final

Some of the major eligibility criteria to appear or to register for the CA course are as follows.

  • A minimum of 55% if you are from a commerce background, however for other grounds students must have a minimum of 60% in graduation.
  • You have to complete at least 2.5 – 3 years of article ship in the course.

Career and Jobs

Considering the fact that CA is a bit tough course to pursue, however, you can get ample good opportunities after completing it. Some of the major learning and job scope of it are as follows.

  • You will get in-depth knowledge of the finance sector concepts. Moreover, along with knowledge, you will also gain experience in the field from the article ship.
  • Hand-down knowledge in auditing, accounting, company accounts, stock market, risk analysis, taxation, and equity research will be there.
  • The biggest recruiter in India is Big 4 – Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC. Moreover, if you are highly skilled you can get top in top consultancy like Goldman Sachs, Morgan, McKinsey, and more. Also, top MNCs like TCS, Wipro, Accenture, and more recruit CA students.
  • If you will crack top jobs you can get into the fields like Consultant, Research, Finance Manager, and more. However, you could easily land positions like Tax Auditor, Internal Auditor, Investment Banker, and more.
  • You can expect an average salary of 8 LPA after completing the CA finals.

 CFA after B.Com


Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is a globally recognized financial course where you will understand the in-depth idea of investment and management analysis. Moreover, the CFA is offered only by the CFA Institute of the USA.  Some of the major aspects of CFA are as follows.

  • There are a total of 10 core subjects in the whole course.
  • The exams are divided into the various level and there are 3 levels – Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3
  • Duration of the CFA course is 1.5 Years – 4 Year
  • The average fee for CFA is 4 lacs – 20 lacs

Some of the major eligibility criteria for the CFA course are as follows.

  • You must complete your graduation. However, if you are in your final year then also you can apply but you have to be graduated before the CFA level 2 exam.
  • If you are not graduated then you must have a minimum of 4000 hours of work experience. The private venture, family business, internship, and article ship are also counted as work experience.
  • Every one of you must have an existing Indian passport as well.

If you fulfill all these eligibility criteria then you can apply for CFA. The registration is very simple you just need to visit the CFA website and register yourself and pay the registration fee. Finally, you will get your Level 1 test date and center.


Some of the future scopes and job scopes after CFA are as follows.

  • In-depth knowledge in the field of financial management and analysis.
  • The CFA course will be a great add-on to your graduation where you will learn specified skills that are required in most companies.
  • Top jobs like Equity Research, Investment Banking, Risk Analyst, and more are provided by the top finance-based companies.
  • Consultant and Managerial Jobs are also offered by most companies as well. Also, top companies like Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, and more hire CFA-certified candidates.
  • You can expect an average salary of 10 LPA after completing up to level 3.

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a hot topic in today’s corporate world. Nowadays most companies are shifting their marketing function from traditional to digital marketing. If you are willing to get into this field then you can apply for the course and get in-depth knowledge of it. Some of the major aspects of digital marketing are as follows.

  • Learning the modules of affiliated marketing and internet marketing. This will cover different areas of social media marketing as well as email marketing.
  • Blog writing will also get the upper hand in the digital marketing aspects. You will understand the method of creative writing which has marketing aspects as well.
  • You will also learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which has a major recognition in marketing and internet marketing.
  • Learning about google ads and other social media platform ad feature
  • While pursuing the digital marketing course you can also get involved in various live projects which will help you to gain upper hand in the jobs.

After completing the digital marketing course you can land jobs like SEO Executive, Digital Marketing Associate, Market Researcher, and more. Also, top MNCs and local companies also hire executives with knowledge of digital marketing in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about what to do after B.Com

What is best after B.Com?

It totally depends upon your choice of what exactly you want to do after B.Com. If you are willing to go for higher studies then you can do MBA or any other course like M.Com, CA, CFA, and more. If you are going for these courses then you will land good jobs afterward. However, if you have made up your mind to opt for jobs then there are ample jobs in finance, marketing, operations, banking, and more.  So it is up to your own need and availability.

Which job is best after B.Com?

There are many fields where you can make your career after B.Com. However, some of the major jobs after B.Com are as follows.

  • Audit Executive
  • Accountant
  • Marketing Executive
  • Business Development Executive
  • Sales Executive
  • Investment Banking
  • Process Associate
  • Warehousing Associate
  • Hiring Executive

Is B.Com good for the future?

The answer depends on what you did and what you will do after B.Com. If you have studied well and learned some useful skills then it is going to help you. Also, you have to work really hard to get into top jobs after B.Com. If you could able to manage these two aspects then defiantly B.Com is good for your future.

Why B.Com is not good?

B.Com does not offer you as high opportunities as B.Tech or other technical courses. But you can’t say that B.Com is bad or not good. If you will work hard then you will defiantly get good opportunities which could be very helpful after B.Com. Also, you have to learn various skills as well in your course additionally from the college to get the high future scope.

Can I get a job in TCS after B.Com?

Yes, you can get a job in TCS after B.Com. TCS generally recruits graduates from Tech as well as non Tech backgrounds from NQT (National Qualifier Test). So you have to register yourself in NQT and appear in the test. After the technical and HR rounds you can get a job at TCS for a Non-Tech profile. However, the job after B.Com will be a backend or a BPO job. But if you keep working at it then you can grow in it as well.

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