15+ Future Business in India for 2025

India is developing in the technology industry, and the future business in India follows the same pattern. To do a sustainable business that has led to future profit, you need to focus on ideas that will give you future returns. If you plan to do a sustainable future business in India, this article will help you find the best ideas.

How to Start a Startup in India in 8 Steps

how to start a startup in India

How to start a startup in India? It sounds very fascinating. Almost every college student and millennial had thought to start a startup once in a lifetime. Startups are cool, isn’t it? It also attracts peers, however, in real life, it is not that simple too. If you are willing to start a startup in … Read more

Mysterious Temples In India

Mysterious Temples In India

India is of more than a billion people with a highly diversified culture and cultural identity there are thousands of temples. These temples are the results of massive and surprising Indian architecture that amaze and astonish you. However, temples being a cultural identity, there are a few urban legends that account for some mysterious temples. … Read more

Most Mysterious Places On Earth

Mysterious Places On Earth

The world is a mystery to people from every walk of life. The mysteries found in the world fascinate us with questions that leave us speechless. From the existence of other planets to the origin of life, we have been scratching our heads, pondering on these questions. However, there are some places on earth that … Read more